Monday, July 29, 2019

Best Aire/Gardner Denver Blowers

Best Aire/Gardner Denver Blowers

At Best Aire we know there are many options and models to choose from when deciding what kind of blower will work best for your company. There are many reasons to choose Best Aire as your blower supplier and servicer. One reason is Best Aire’s role as an authorized distributor for Gardner Denver products. Gardner Denver is a recognized global industry leader with over 155 years of manufacturing experience. It is this history, experience and reputation that helps to set Best Aire apart from our competition. Best Aire’s line of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps offer a wide variety of technologies, styles, and packages that you can’t find anywhere else in the industry. Also. Our quality products are backed by extensive warranties, as we set the standard for excellence.

Not only does Best Aire supply a wide variety of blowers to fit any number of various industries, they also have blower packages that provide numerous advantages. These blower packages are known as IQ packages and they are thoroughly designed and tested to meet all the variable demands of a dynamic work environment. Best Aire knows that air demand can fluctuate over hours, days, weeks and months and that is why all IQ packages are fitted with an Air Smart controller. This controller allos for the machines to be turned on and off, and also rotate the designated lead machine to equalize the workload allowing for increases to both performance and reliability.

The IQ packages can go from 7.5-100hp depending on needs, and Pressure to 15PSI with Vacuum to 16Hg”. Air flow to 1400 ICFM per package and can sequence any configuration of units. For more information about Blowers, IQ Packages, or anything else Best Aire can offer feel free to reach out to any of our branches across Michigan, Indiana or Ohio. You can also find additional information at our website

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