Tuesday, September 3, 2019

What is a Cooler and Why is it Needed? (Air Compressors)

A cooler is necessary to ensure the proper functionality of pneumatic or air handling devices and coolers are the section of the compressed air system where after the air is compressed the discharge needs to be cooled. There are two different kinds of cooler options and they are either water or air and are an effective means of removing moisture from compressed air. The main way in which coolers can reduce the amount of water vapor in a compressed air system is by condensing the water vapor into liquid form. By combining the cooler with a separator, you create an excellent way to reduce the moisture in a compressed air system and saving the equipment from potential significant damage.

The main reason as to why you would need a cooler was previously mentioned and that is to increase the amount of moisture you are able to take out of the compressor to avoid things such as rust or corroding parts. A second important reason to use a cooler on your compressed air system is to keep your air compressor from overheating. Air compressors generate a lot of heat and without a proper cooling system a compressor with either overheat or need some downtime to avoid malfunctioning or damage. With a cooler you can keep a compressor running at an optimal temperature while also getting as much moisture out of the compressor as possible. If you have any other questions about coolers or any of the products and services available at Best-Aire feel free to contact us at any of our branches located across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Air Receivers for your Compressed Air System

An air receiver, which is also referred to as a compressed air tank, is an integral part of any air compression system. The most important role of an air receiver is to act as temporary storage to accommodate the peaks of demand and to optimize the efficiency of your operation. While in some cases air compressor installation can run without the air receiver it is important to note the potential reasons as to why your company may need one. A first reason is that without the receiver your air system may increase the loading and unloading cycles which causes your compressor to work harder. Another reason why a receiver may be what you need is that they can act as a buffer mechanism between the compressor and the fluctuating pressure caused by changing demand. A final reason to consider using an air receiver is that some compressors can be “tank-mounted”. This means that they come as a package and are mounted on top of the receiver which is a popular set up for facilities where space comes at a premium. Using a tank mounted compressor can save on both space as well as initial installation costs associated with commissioning a stand-alone dry. One important thing to note however is that larger air compressors are not suitable for tank mounted options, as they become top heavy and can pose a safety risk.

For more information about air receiver tanks or any of Best Aire’s other products and services feel free to reach out to us online, on the phone, or at any of our branches located across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Best Aire/Gardner Denver Blowers

Best Aire/Gardner Denver Blowers

At Best Aire we know there are many options and models to choose from when deciding what kind of blower will work best for your company. There are many reasons to choose Best Aire as your blower supplier and servicer. One reason is Best Aire’s role as an authorized distributor for Gardner Denver products. Gardner Denver is a recognized global industry leader with over 155 years of manufacturing experience. It is this history, experience and reputation that helps to set Best Aire apart from our competition. Best Aire’s line of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps offer a wide variety of technologies, styles, and packages that you can’t find anywhere else in the industry. Also. Our quality products are backed by extensive warranties, as we set the standard for excellence.

Not only does Best Aire supply a wide variety of blowers to fit any number of various industries, they also have blower packages that provide numerous advantages. These blower packages are known as IQ packages and they are thoroughly designed and tested to meet all the variable demands of a dynamic work environment. Best Aire knows that air demand can fluctuate over hours, days, weeks and months and that is why all IQ packages are fitted with an Air Smart controller. This controller allos for the machines to be turned on and off, and also rotate the designated lead machine to equalize the workload allowing for increases to both performance and reliability.

The IQ packages can go from 7.5-100hp depending on needs, and Pressure to 15PSI with Vacuum to 16Hg”. Air flow to 1400 ICFM per package and can sequence any configuration of units. For more information about Blowers, IQ Packages, or anything else Best Aire can offer feel free to reach out to any of our branches across Michigan, Indiana or Ohio. You can also find additional information at our website www.best-aire.com.

Monday, April 1, 2019

4,000 Hour Air Compressor Maintenance Recommendation

Essentially, there are four service milestones that need to be completed on your air compressor:

  1.  Weekly
  2. Minor (2,000 hours)
  3. Interm (4,000 hours)
  4. Major (8,000 hours)
In this article, we are going to focus on the 4,000 hour service recommendation. With every service job done, you will want to make sure you incorporate in all service jobs that are less than the one you are performing. For example, when you do the 8,000 service job, you will want to also perform all tasks in the 4,000 service job, 2,000 service job, as well as the weekly.

The Weekly Service is exactly as it sounds, should be completed at least once a week. At this time you will want to check all filters and oil level of your air compressor. Additionally you will want a differential reading from sump to delivery pressure between 2 - 6 PSID. If this pressure is greater than 8 PSID then you might have a dirty separator that needs to be cleaned, the check valve might not be properly opening or you may have an issue with the transducer.

During the 2,000 Hour Service you will be submitting an oil sample to be tested, especially if your air compressor is presently under warranty from the manufacturer. If your are running food grade oil, then you will want to make sure you perform this test every 1,000 hours. Once your sample is processed, you will receive a report back stating your oil's TAN number, which will indicate the oil life left. Additionally, if this is the first 2,000 Hour Service that has been performed since purchasing the air compressor, you will want to check all electrical connections, as the heating and cooling of the wires may affect the tightness of the electrical connections. 

During the 4,000 Hour Service you will be removing the separator and examining and cleaning the Scavenger line. If this line gets blocked or clogged, it ill carry over oil into the air supply. In addition, you will perform all steps in both the Weekly Service as well at the 2,000 Hour Service.

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