Monday, April 1, 2019

4,000 Hour Air Compressor Maintenance Recommendation

Essentially, there are four service milestones that need to be completed on your air compressor:

  1.  Weekly
  2. Minor (2,000 hours)
  3. Interm (4,000 hours)
  4. Major (8,000 hours)
In this article, we are going to focus on the 4,000 hour service recommendation. With every service job done, you will want to make sure you incorporate in all service jobs that are less than the one you are performing. For example, when you do the 8,000 service job, you will want to also perform all tasks in the 4,000 service job, 2,000 service job, as well as the weekly.

The Weekly Service is exactly as it sounds, should be completed at least once a week. At this time you will want to check all filters and oil level of your air compressor. Additionally you will want a differential reading from sump to delivery pressure between 2 - 6 PSID. If this pressure is greater than 8 PSID then you might have a dirty separator that needs to be cleaned, the check valve might not be properly opening or you may have an issue with the transducer.

During the 2,000 Hour Service you will be submitting an oil sample to be tested, especially if your air compressor is presently under warranty from the manufacturer. If your are running food grade oil, then you will want to make sure you perform this test every 1,000 hours. Once your sample is processed, you will receive a report back stating your oil's TAN number, which will indicate the oil life left. Additionally, if this is the first 2,000 Hour Service that has been performed since purchasing the air compressor, you will want to check all electrical connections, as the heating and cooling of the wires may affect the tightness of the electrical connections. 

During the 4,000 Hour Service you will be removing the separator and examining and cleaning the Scavenger line. If this line gets blocked or clogged, it ill carry over oil into the air supply. In addition, you will perform all steps in both the Weekly Service as well at the 2,000 Hour Service.

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